What we do

Carelinkz offers cost calculation and benchmarking services to healthcare organizations. Our automated system is based on smart algorithms that calculate real cost factors at a detailed level. We also provide maintenance services so that your cost calculations always stay up-to-date and relevant over time.

Learn the true treatment cost, based on all resources used to treat your patients. All cost information can be aggregated or drilled down as desired. You will be able to analyze at exactly the level you want – whether it is by medical condition, by department or by individual patients.

We think that “bottom-up” cost calculation using TDABC in healthcare is an essential element of maximizing patient value. Cost by itself has little meaning, but together with health outcomes, capacity utilization, reimbursement and work force it plays a profound role in the improvement of your market position.


Carelinkz cost price services can be used in varies applications within your organisation such as:

  • Compare to revenues: Link incurred expenses to revenues, and identify feeders and bleeders with confidence.
  • Benchmark: Identify potential for improvement by comparing direct or indirect costs to a relevant group of peer hospitals. Start with total cost, or drill down as needed.
  • Maximize value: Providing excellent healthcare is your core business. Gain unique insights by directly relating health outcomes to the incurred expenses, at the level of the individual patient or the medical condition.
  • Cut waste: Identify wasteful treatment steps and simulate the cost benefits of proposed improvements.

Problems with cost price calculations

Current ICT solutions for cost calculations are complicated to use and time consuming for the hospital staff to implement. Often these systems deliver insufficiently detailed and outdated information. And more often than not, they present costs that are based on last year’s reimbursement, regional averages, or rough estimates. The reality could be quite different.

The actual cost of patient treatment follows from the used resource capacity, such as staff, square meters or equipment. Carelinkz’ cost analytics provides the aggregate true costs for the treatment of nearly every medical condition, but also delivers insights at much more detailed levels, including each individual patient’s care cycle.

Is it secure?

We realize that data security is an important concern for healthcare providers. We collect and process only those data that are absolutely required by our algorithms, and no information will ever be traceable to an individual.

Our processes and facilities follow NEN 7510 (information security in healthcare) guidelines, which will be confirmed periodically by certified auditors.