Always #1: quality of care

We connect the financial elements of hospital Performance Management to patient health outcomes and other quality measures. Aggregated to any desired level of detail, even by individual patient if so desired.

Increase the productivity of your medical teams

We identify the potential for improvement in care cycles, typically with a long cycle time or atypical use of available capacity. Our experienced partner helps to design and implement a more efficient process. This results in less time wasted performing the same activities. Your staff can help more patients in the same time, while quality remains as high as ever.

Find the right balance in capacity utilization

While it is important to strive for a high capacity utilization of scarce resources such as OR or ER time, beds and radiology, it important to guard against a dangerous sensitivity to adverse events or large peaks in demand; these could result in high costs or income foregone. Carelinkz helps you find the right balance.

Lower absenteeism and employee turnover

Carelinkz can use HR analytics (“people analytics”) to generate valuable knowledge about your most valuable asset: your employees. We can help minimize turnover and absenteeism, with unique and actionable insights. Together with our HR partner we will help you get the most out of the people in your organizations.

Improved prediction of annual production

Annual production that is too high could lead to clawback of earlier reimbursements of provided healthcare. If production is too low this might lead to incomplete usage of the agreed upon budget, resulting in lower revenue and margin. Through analysis of production characteristics of medical teams, capacity and cyclical patterns in demand we can help you to steer more precisely to the desired annual production.

Is it safe?

Data security is a major concern for hospitals and in healthcare in general. We collect and process only those data that are essential for our algorithms, and the information is never traceable to an individual person.

Our processes and facilities comply to NEN7510 guidelines, which is confirmed periodically by certified auditors.