Rooted in reality

We go the extra mile to help you understand treatment cost, based on actual care and support activities. Using advanced algorithms we assign realistic shares of operational and capital expenses to each patient treatment. Thanks to our time-driven activity-based approach, the cost of care will reflect the actually used resource capacity, whether it is staff, equipment or consumable.

Benefits of Carelinkz

Learn the true treatment cost, based on all resources used to treat your patients. All information can be aggregated or drilled down as desired. You can relate actual cost to reimbursement, at exactly the level you want – whether it is by medical condition, by department or by individual patients.
Most of your hospital resources have limited capacity, and you will now have unique insight in their utilization rates. Of course, you can benchmark key capacity utilization rates against your peers.


  • Fully Automated: No more labor-intensive updates to your cost model: it’s automated and uses smart algorithms that for instance take care of the cumbersome taks of allocating indirect costs to specific treatment costs in order to achieve high levels of accuracy.
  • Margin: Learn the gross margin and contribution margin for every treatment, based on actual cost.
  • Focus on Patient Value: Relate cost data to health outcome measures. Aggregated or at the patient level.
  • Benchmarking: Compare your key cost factors to peer hospitals to help identify wasteful activities.
  • What-if Scenarios: Use what-if analysis to evaluate the effect of process improvements.