The Carelinkz team consists of four entrepreneurs, sharing extensive experience in building companies, healthcare, medicine, and programming. We seamlessly supplement each other’s skills and have a common ambition to provide the healthcare sector with accurate, real-time cost information.


CEO / Cofounder

As a health scientist, Peter’s interest is in the improvement of health care system performance. He is especially driven by the prospect of improving patient benefit. To drive improvement there is a need for sophisticated knowledge of basic processes. By combining knowledge of real cost price with patient satisfaction and health care employee performance, he intends to provide important insights for continuous improvement of health care.


CMO / Founder

Mark is an experienced medical specialist with a keen interest in the business side of healthcare. He holds an MBA (cum laude) from the Rotterdam School of Management. He actively promotes value-based healthcare, and was trained by Michael Porter at Harvard Business School. He founded Carelinkz to help providers with their VBHC transition, by providing ICT services that link together all elements of healthcare value creation.


CTO / Cofounder

Aqeel is a software technologist with a special interest in big data and analytics for businesses. His experience includes building secure, scalable and largescale enterprise software. Carelinkz offers him the opportunity to truly put these areas into practice. Solving the value-based healthcare problem offers many technical challenges. Results, on the other hand, are potentially very satisfying.


Business Strategist / Cofounder

Berry Tanis has been an entrepreneur since 2003. He is also an investor in early stage companies. He is cofounder of companies like Careway, Eforis and E2E Software.  Careway is a company that serves many large scale health care organisations. Through his experience with Careway, Berry has an excellent, practical insight in what is happening in the complex health care sector.